David Radcliffe

UpdateModel requires properties

I was working on a feature at work this week on a ASP MVC project. I was attempting to use UpdateModel to update an object retrieved from the database with values from the POST. If you aren't familiar with it, ASP MVC has a "magic method" to map these POST values to an object. One simply needs to call
and the new values will be changed on the object. That is all fine and dandy unless it doesn't work. I had checked everything. I could verify that the values were in the Request header. I could verify that UpdateModel was called and did not fail. The values simply were not updated. I finally found the key (thanks to my supervisor). The object I was updating had a mix of auto-properties and fields. Apparently, UpdateModel will only update properties. A quick change from a field to an auto-property and everything worked as it should. Thanks Aaron!