David Radcliffe

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Internet Development from Indiana Wesleyan University in April 2009.

As a freshman in college I was inducted into the upperclassmen Computer Majors’ Lab.

The summer after that first year of school I started a company doing mostly web development and continued cultivating the business through my senior year. I have developed many websites using PHP, MySQL and a variety of other client and server software. I worked for clients all over the country, analyzing, planning and developing solutions to fit their needs.

I have developed websites and software on the LAMP stack, Windows servers, and other open source stacks. In the past 8 years I have used Ruby, PHP, MySQL, (X)HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, MooTools, MS-SQL, ASP.NET, C#, Silverlight, Flash, and ActionScript. Now, I try hard to stick with open source and try hard to stay away from Microsoft technologies.

Currently I develop on a 15" MacBook Pro, using Sublime Text 2 and iTerm2. My current languages of choice are Ruby and Javascript/Node.js.