David Radcliffe

Giving up on foursquare, almost.

I've been an avid fourquare user for some time now. I spent the first few months adding every venue I visited and collecting mayorships like it was my job.

But it wasn’t. And I’m done.

I’ve come to a place where I just don't see any benefit. Sure, there are the occasional venues that offer discounts. But who has time to visit that specific restaurant every day for 3 weeks just to get a dollar off their meal? I sure don’t. As more and more users join, it becomes harder and harder to be mayor, which dilutes the benefits even more.

Granted, I’m not constantly traveling and going to meetings all across the city, country, or world like some people I know. That would make for a much more interesting data graph. For me, my foursquare checkins Monday through Friday consisted of not much more than work, home, and an occasional errand. Not very interesting.

So I’ve stopped checking in wherever I go. The foursquare app no longer needs a parking spot on my home screen. I don’t feel the burden of 'having to checkin' before I do anything.

That’s not to say that I closed my account and I’m purging my relationship with foursquare. I still may use it from time to time. When I'm on vacation it's still a usefull and interesting tool to see where I've been. (see Fred Wison's write-up on this)

I wonder …. am I the only one who has come to this conclusion? I doubt it.