David Radcliffe


A few weeks ago I read about Doxo on the netbanker blog. This service aims to be your online hub for organizing paper - bills, statements, receipts and other notices. This looked interesting so I found an invite and signed up.

For those of you who appreciate good web apps with a good user interface, you will probably like Doxo. The UI is nice and clean and easy to use. There isn't a whole lot of extra fluff getting in the way. In fact, there really aren't many features.

Once your account is created you are asked to add accounts or providers. The search and filter feels a lot like Mint. It was easy to find and add providers that I use and would like to use inside Doxo. An added bonus (for the earth) was that after I added 12 providers, Doxo planted a tree in my honor. Not really a feature, but it makes good sense as the app aims to reduce actual paper usage.

Doxo interface

Once my accounts are added they are listed along the left side of the screen. The main section has two important tabs: To Do items and Filed Docs. The to-do items tab contains any bills that you still need to pay and once they have been paid, (or if they are not a bill) they move into the filed docs tab. You can view by a specific account or all accounts aggregated together.

Up until yesterday, if you wanted to use Doxo to organize your paper-filled life, you would have to possibly scan and upload each document to the Doxo web interface. This is a little clunky, as I don't have the time or equipment to effectively scan and upload EVERY document I have filed away. Doxo's plan is to partner with providers to automatically deliver your documents to Doxo. No scanning. No uploading.

Doxo + Sprint

Yesterday Doxo announced their first commercial partner: Sprint. Users can now add their sprint account and seamlessly receive their statements and other documents directly in their Doxo account. This is a great first step for Doxo. I hope to see other providers added quickly.

Doxo is a great idea, a great interface and has great possibility. However, it remains to be seen whether or not it will really provide the service it claims will revolutionize the industry. I hope it does.

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