David Radcliffe

Moving on

Yesterday was my last day at FORUM Credit Union. I've learned a lot from the guys (and gals) at FORUM Solutions and I'm glad I spent the last couple years working beside them every day.

I've always said that I wouldn't work in a cubical and starting next week I will no longer be confined to my two-walled cube. I will now be putting my full time efforts into building my company and doing contract web development.

I will also be migrating into more open source environments, such as Ruby on Rails and PHP. The Microsoft .NET platform is great for some uses, but it isn't my passion and it was beginning to be a chore. Moving forward, I'm excited about what's ahead and the opportunities I will have.

One last note - it was fitting that just 4 minutes after leaving FORUM for the last time I was ousted as mayor of FORUM Credit Union.

Sam Lopez - I just ousted @dwradcliffe on @foursquare!