David Radcliffe

User a password manager. Please.

In the recent wake of Heartbleed, and many other security issues this year, people are once again thinking about passwords. We’ve all ben told this week to change all our passwords. We’ve been told again that we shouldn’t use the same password twice. We’ve been told again that our passwords should be long and as random as possible. There’s no arguing with that logic.

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of online accounts which means a lot of passswords. There’s no way I can remember them all, especially without repeating any. A password manager is a must.

If you’re not familiar, a password manager will securly store all your passwords for all your services and websites. There’s one master password to get access to all the other passwords. There are also often browser helpers to make it easy to login to websites.

I use 1Password. It’s a great piece of software, works cross-platform, even on mobile devices. It can sync using multiple providers if you want. I’m able to keep all my accounts secure using long random passwords and 1Password will log me in automatically.

tl;dr: Please please please use a password manager and don’t repeat your passwords!